About Scene Recall

Comments For Each Frame

Post Comments on Video

Every end user can post comments on top of each frame of your movies. Clicking the comment posted by users, allows for instant recall to view that exact frame (or set of frames).

Monetize By Pay-Per-View

Save videos and comments

Unlimited number members of a group may make comments on the movies. Allow free or add a pay-per-view membership module to monetize Scene Recall services.

Warehouse Movies

Store Unlimited Video Content

Warehouse your movies along with complete comment database in our secured data center. Instantly access the archives of video to recall users comments from anywhere.

Divide Movies

Add Chapters to your movies

Divide their movies into chapters for organized and detailed previews. Point and click to a specific frame by choosing the chapter of interest.

Save Time

Comments and titles Search

Scene Recall allows for searching by user comments, titles, chapters and key words. Recalling your scenes in a non linear fashion saves you precious time.

Enjoy Full Screen

Full Screen Viewing

You along with members of your video group will enjoy the full screen feature of Scene Recall . Get up close and personal with every detail while reviewing and making comments!

How Scene Recall works

Our Solutions

  • BlinkoTV
  • tikilive
  • Mozzen
  • Realsafe
  • StreamingBASE
  • Kuleblu
  • CinaCHAT
  • Scenerecall
  • MonsterEncoder
  • Ehopii
  • Camwax
  • gobyt
  • BuzBit
  • EyePartner


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